Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 2 - January 1st

Day 2 - January 1st

Happy New Years!!!

Unfortunately with it being New Years Eve last night, there was a lot of yelling and arguing by, I am assuming from what I heard, drunken neighbors. We all fell asleep despite the noise before 11pm, only to be awoke around midnight to Happy New Year wishes from family and friends via text. The kids however slept through and I got almost 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I am sure at this point, I am running on pure excitement and will crash hard at some point.

Our flight this am is at 6 am, so I got up around 3 to shower. Amazing both kids got up around 3:15 happy as could be, we will see how long this lasts! We have a 4 hour layover in SFO which will allow us to eat breakfast, convert some money and relax a bit before boarding the flight for Beijing.

We have a long day of travel facing us, I hope no one especially me has a melt down and that our flight to Beijing is restful and uneventful. Wish us luck!!

We are excited to be starting 2015 with welcoming Emily into our family!!

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