Monday, November 2, 2009

LOA has arrived...well actually it arrive 2 weeks ago!!

Okay... I admit I have been lagging on updating my blog.

Our LOA arrived on Friday October 23rd. I had taken the day off so I could run errands before we headed out to Reno when John got home. I knew my LOA was on the way but, I figured it was going to come on Monday or Tuesday! I had just gotten home and the agency called and said it was there. So I rushed over to their office and picked it up. Afterwards I drove to John's jobsite to have him sign it. I picked up Jake from school (early out day) and we rushed to Kinko's to make copies and to FedEx off my LOA & I-800. I think all in all, I had my LOA in my hands for less than 2 hours :)

Now we are waiting for our travel approval. Our fingers are crossed that we will be in China for the Holidays :)